About us

I love to advise my family and friends in their travel decisions.

So, I decided to enlarge my circle and to benefit as many people as possible.

It is for this reason that I associate myself with a passionate partner.

With my personal experience and surrounded by a dynamic team we will be manufacturing your souvenirs

Looking forward to serving you.


Serge Goyette

Why should you choose our travel agency?

The primary reason to choose us is that we offer a personalized approach that offers small-group excursions (small groups of 6-18 people). Our team offers a customized experience for all your travel inquiries. Our model is built to adjust to customer needs quickly and efficiently.

Escape Vitours has a wealth of local expertise that will connect you to the local culture, customs and people. This ensures that each trip is unique and meaningful for all our clients.

As an added benefit, you will feel like a responsible citizen as our agency supports organizations that empower street children and orphans at your desired travel location.